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Job Title (Sort A to Z)Job CategoryLocationDeadline (Sort A to Z)
Financial Controller (International Experience)Full TimeAccra31st Dec. 2014
Assistant Corporate Affairs ManagerFull TimeUnited Arab Emirates31st Dec. 2014
Account Manager (International Experience)Full TimeAccra31st Dec. 2014
Head of Mining Operations Full TimeAccra31st Dec. 2014
General Manager (Advertising Experience)Full TimeSpintex31st Dec. 2014
Senior GeologistFull TimeKhartoum, Sudan20 Dec. 2014
Data Entry ClerkFull TimeAccra30 Nov.2014
Customer Service Advisor (Retail)Full TimeAccra20 Dec.2014
Physiotherapist (Doctors Assistant)Full TimeAccra20 Dec.2014
Marketing Chiropractic ExaminerFull TimeAccra20 Dec.2014
Sales Reps (experience in prospecting HORECA Customers, Hotels)Full TimeAccra20 Dec.2014
Regional Sales Director (French Speaking)Full TimeAccra20 Dec.2014
Business Development Manager (Experience in Security Technology)Full TimeAccra20 Dec.2014
Relationship Manager (Hotel Operation)Full TimeAccra20 Dec 2014
Sales Executive (Experience in Real Estate sales)Full TimeAccra20 Dec.2014
Sales Executive (Experience in selling building materials)Full TimeAccra20 Dec.2014
Air Conditioning & Lightening TechnicianFull TimeAccra20 Oct.2014
Electrical TechnicianFull Timekumasi20 Dec.2014
Sales RepresentativesFull TimeAccra-spintex30 Nov.2014
Cosmetic Sales AssociateFull TimeAccra30 Nov.2014
Retail AssociateFull TimeAccra30 Nov.2014
Finance & Administrative Assistant(Female)Full TimeAccra,Prestea,western Region20th Dec.2014
Editorial Director (Africa News)Full TimeCongo Brazzaville30 Nov.2014
Procurement & Logistics OfficerFull TimeAccra30 Nov.2014