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Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical tests are non-verbal assessments of individuals’ ability to comprehend numerical concepts in different formats, make logical decisions, and use numerical information to solve problems.

Numerical tests can support your business in addressing one or more of the following business challenges:

  • Improve performance
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce 'bad hire' risks
  • Minimise your exposure to discrimination suits

Numerical test assists in improving performance

The numerical test is designed to measure individuals’ numerical analytical thinking. Measuring this ability will support you in assessing the likelihood of an individual capability to comprehend numerical data such as tables and graphs and making informed decisions relevant to the role’s responsibilities and activities. This will enhance performance and productivity.

Online numerical test reduces time to hire

The numerical test shortens the duration of selecting suitable employees, and helps your business to save time and money via providing remote access to the test. Candidates complete the numerical test online, and the report of their performance is generated immediately afterwards.

Numerical Test reduce 'bad-hire' risks

The use of the numerical test is an objective scientific measurement of individuals’ suitability to comprehend numerical information, minimises the bias which resumes or job interviews create. Resumes and job interviews are poor predictors of job performance, as in both situations you are analysing the individuals’ capability to sell themselves rather their ability to perform the required job responsibilities.

Numerical Test minimise your exposure to discrimination suits

Using the numerical test is an objective, scientific and standard method of assessing applicants and ensures that no one can claim that they were discriminated against during the selection process.

What can you infer from individuals' Numerical Test result?

Numerical tests measures individuals' ability to:

  1. Use numerical data as a tool to make informed decisions,
  2. Make logical deductions based on numerical data,
  3. Comprehend relationships between quantifiable work-related facts,
  4. Identify critical information out of numerical data,
  5. Break down numerical information into essential parts,

Technical information

Numerical tests present numerical problems that need to be completed within a certain timeframe.

Four Numerical Test levels

Numerical reasoning tests can typically be grouped into several categories. Each category has a unique set of questions which match the job’s required level of difficulty and complexity:

Category 1:   Numerical reasoning for entry level roles

Category 2:   Numerical reasoning for general population

Category 3:   Numerical reasoning for graduate level & management roles

Category 4:   Numerical reasoning for professional roles

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