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Who We Are

Careers in Ghana (CIG) is a global executive search and international recruitment company recruiting talents in a range of sectors and skill functions at the graduate and Non graduate, middle to senior levels. As a comprehensive supplier in recruitment, executive search for lower, mid to senior levels, our simple philosophy is to attract high-caliber Ghanaian talent from around the world, ensuring you recruit the best in the market. Our relationship with Global Career Company has turned us into a leading international recruitment consultancy with a unique service offering, our mission is to help you create your own talent pipeline of internationally-oriented graduates and professionals and to recruit critical skills for your operations across Ghana & Africa. Our recruitment consultants have many years of experience in delivering tailored recruitment solutions to multinationals and leading Ghanaian companies.

Careers in Ghana aim is to provide a high quality global recruitment services locally to companies in Ghana, Africa, Asia, Europe and the US at large, operating across selected sectors and disciplines with our diverse team of top Recruitment Consultants, to bring employers and candidate together

Careers in Ghana & Careers in Africa (Global Career Company (UK))

In February 2010 Careers in Ghana and Global Career Company (the world’s largest recruitment company) joined forces as partners to serve the Ghanaian market on the recruitment front. The relationship between the two company’s means that we can now serve Ghanaian companies better than any other recruitment company within Ghana by providing global solutions to their recruitment needs.

Companies can now use the solutions provided by careers in Ghana to reach the best talents from around the world for all job openings particularly high level executive positions. Companies can also participate in Global Career summits organised in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa to present your organisation to the world as your company seeks the best talents from around the World to fill vacant positions

One stop solution to all recruitment needs

Careers in Ghana (CIG) offer a one stop solution to all recruitment needs for businesses operating within Ghana and across the world. We offer an end-to-end talent acquisition solution for our clients, from attraction and selection through to recruitment. Our global pools of applicants seeking opportunities in Ghana are generated through a focussed attraction campaign across Ghana, Europe and the USA. All candidates are pre-screened, interviewed and assessed before they’re presented for interviews with your company

A Proven Solution

CIG Recruitment Solutions offer an outsourced approach to optimize your talent acquisition, to manage multiple hires within a specific timeframe. Our consultants use our proven methodology to deliver seamless, workflow-driven talent acquisition strategies that can help you secure the right talent, quickly and effectively. Before engagement, our consultants will work with you to fully understand your requirements, understand the business culture and develop a customized strategy for identifying, attracting and retaining talent. Once the project is under way, our team follows a tightly integrated process and timeline to deliver multiple hires without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Our proven processes for candidate care, screening and evaluation ensure that you reach the right people to meet the needs of your business

Reputation Earned

We focus on attracting hard to reach Ghanaian candidates from around the world with that potent mix of international experience combined with local knowledge. Our global attraction and rigorous pre-selection process ensures that only the most suitable candidates are selected. Each application we receive is assessed by our team and each step of the selection process is managed efficiently through our own proprietary database platform. Our candidates combine a powerful mix of outstanding academic qualifications, relevant international experience and a comprehensive understanding of African markets.

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