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CIG is pleased to announce the introduction of an internship programme- Interns Ghana Programme (I.G.P.) as part of it services beginning next semester break. I. G. P. is a work-related learning experience for individuals who wish to develop hands on work experience in a certain occupational field.

With the development of economies and globalization, exposure to the world of business and culture is becoming a necessary and valuable experience for college graduates entering the job market. An experience with a potential employer brings a significant edge to individuals when seeking career employment. Employers are always looking for persons who are self-confident, worldly and knowledgeable of the industry they are entering into. Successful completion of an internship will further develop characteristics, which are desired by companies in the future when such interns graduate are ripe for the job market.

A Job in Waiting

The I.G.P. is aimed at securing full time employment for interns completing the programme successfully as many companies hire their interns as full time employees after the internship. Thus an intern who has successfully completed the I.G.P. may have a possible or probable job in waiting the same company they took the IGP. This is because candidates from the I.G.P. always have a fair-long opportunity to prove their worth to their future employer during the programme. This advantage is not available to a candidate who has the opportunity of only an aptitude test, a job interview or both.

Free Training at No Cost

A candidate of the I.G.P. weather employed after the programme or not would have gain practical knowledge which would be an advantage in seeking employment elsewhere. The programme therefore provides the opportunity to gain valuable hands on work experience that is absent in the classroom. Interns on this programme will save the monies they have to pay to either upgrade their practical knowledge in their chosen field of work or further education.

Have an Edge in the Job Market and Enriching Resume

Employers are usually more concerned with your work experience than your qualification and the I.G.P. is the best way to get the work experience you need to secure a job, since it will form a vital part of your resume. Many employers prefer or require applicants who have done an internship or relevant work experience and in many of the more competitive job markets it is essential to set you apart from the others. Thus candidates from the I.G.P, having this work experience on their resume already have their foot at the door.

Networking while Interning (Networking Opportunities)

Networking is probably one of the most significant advantages candidates on the I.G.P. will have. The opportunity to meet with company managers, executives and peers during the programme can lead to job openings after your internship, either at the same location, or at other locations. The I.G.P. allows you to meet people who might help you land a job later on and give you the contacts in the industry you are trying to break into. Additionally references from people in the industry which will really add weight to your application.

Support students

The Interns Ghana Programme (I.G.P.) provides students numerous perks. They gain experience, develop skills, make connections, strengthen their resumes, learn about a field, and assess their interest and abilities.

Win-win for all

Just as candidate would have gained practical knowledge after the I.G.P. at no cost, so even if they are not employed after the programme, so would organisation cut down cost or additional resources in seeking and training someone to fill a vacant position, as it can make use of the candidate it has spent organisational resources in training whenever the need arises. CIG's role is an intermediary one. We are a link between the client and the candidate by searching for the right caliber of talents in our institutions tailored on set criteria in accordance with defined specifications & requirements outlined by our clients and placing them with organisation that signs up with us. Students signing up to the I.G.P. automatically becomes the candidates of CIG and they stand a better chance of been employed by Clients of CIG.