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Consultancy Services

By managing your workforce through outsourcing, we will provide an alternative to the high cost of retaining full time labour and a more effective staff management system for your workforce to meet your needs. With regards to your staff maintenance, initial training and replacement needs, they become our issue and no longer yours.

Outsourcing (Permanent and Temporary staff) / Payroll Outsourcing

Careers in Ghana (CIG) seek to ease the financial and administrative burdens that are often associated with the hiring of contract labour. Careers in Ghana (CIG) will take up the task of salary and payroll matters, so that your company can concentrate on the task at hand, and we will relieve your company of the monotonous and tedious job of managing payrolls. Based on the clients' project demands or assignment nature, the staff can be placed under our company's payroll.

Our outsource service will include

  • Payroll administration
  • Maintenance of personnel database
  • Provision of intranet service which set out HR policies
  • Recruitment administration
  • Routine training service

This approach allows our customers to;

  • Create a centralised and dedicated recruitment process for the business
  • Flexibility when embarking on hiring projects
  • Reduce risk when managing volume and executive staffing initiatives
  • Remove administrative duties, including negotiation and contract formulation
  • Focus on HR business issues and strategic activities

Our specialist team of recruitment consultants will also perform the following tasks to guarantee the best selection of candidates to meet the human resource requirements of your organisation:

Careers in Ghana aims to provide a high quality global recruitment services locally to companies in Ghana and Africa at large, operating across selected sectors and disciplines with our diverse team of top Recruitment Consultants, to bring employers and candidate together.

We deliver on:

  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary/Contract Workers Recruitment
  • Outsourcing (Permanent and Temporary staff)
  • HR/Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Payroll Outsourcing