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Aptitude Psychometric Score (APS) -Identify Talents

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We offer reputable web and paper based psychological test, psychological assessments, and professionally written reports. These tests are typically timed and inform you on candidates’ solid and candied intelligence which are important predictors of people’s ability to think strategically, grasp the ‘bigger picture’, quickly integrate new information, solve problems, effectively communicate information, produce effective reports, as well as use verbal and numerical information to make informed business decisions

What makes us different?

  • Our psychologists work with you to select the right Aptitude / psychometric tests to measure your candidates’ suitability.
  • All our psychometric tests are administered online or paper based.
  • Following tests’ completions, we deliver simple-to-read, written competency-based selection reports.
  • Verbal feedback accompanies our reports and is delivered by experienced psychologists.
  • We specialise in developing innovative, valid, cost-effective, and tailored psychometric tests online.

Learn more about different Psychometric Tests that we offer.

Psychometric tests selection

Match the best psychometric tests to measure your job requirements

Our psychologists will work closely with you to ensure you use the most suitable psychometric tests to measure your candidates:

  • We quickly work off position descriptions (PD) or brief conversations to identify relevant job competencies to measure (i.e. job analysis).
  • We will create the ‘best fit’ combination of psychometric tests based on job competencies identified.
  • We will also ensure that relevant norms are used with each selected psychometric test.
  • The selection process can be achieved within 45 minutes.

Psychometric tests administration

  • Psychometric tests are set up online / or done on-site
  • You can use our  free online test .

Report writing

Simple-to-read competency based selection reports

  • Reports are written by our experienced psychologists in context of the identified job competencies.
  • We list candidates’ relevant strengths and managerial issues.
  • We only use simple business language.
  • Our turnaround time for reports is up to 3 working days.

Verbal feedbacks

Verbal feedback to clients and candidates

  • Our experienced psychologists offer to discuss reports findings with hiring managers to ensure informed hiring decisions are made.
  • Feedback can focus on issues mentioned in reports or other concerns hiring managers have.
  • Feedback can also be delivered to candidates following a hiring decision.

Tailored test development

Develop psychometric tests to match specific needs

  • Tailored psychometric tests measuring specific requirements can be developed based on our extensive knowledge in the psychology and psychometric fields.
  • Company specific benchmarks can also be developed to ensure candidates are compared against the relevant target.

Learn more about different Psychometric Tests that we offer.

Please contact one of our psychologists to further discuss how we can assist you with your psychometric testing needs.To learn more how we can assist you  please email employers@careersinghana.com