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</p><div id='mrk_link'> <a href=''>Read More »</a></div> <p></p><div id='mrk_link'> <a href=''>Read More »</a></div> Executive Search<p> We understand the issues and opportunities within your industry</p><div id='mrk_link'> <a href='Executive_search.aspx'>Read More »</a></div> Recruitment<p>Looking for exceptional staff? Let's talk!</p><div id='mrk_link'><a href='Recruitment.aspx'>Read More »</a></div> </p><div id='mrk_link'> <a href=''>Read More »</a></div> <p></p><div id='mrk_link'> <a href=''>Read More »</a></div> Staff /Payroll Outsourcing<p>We seek to ease the financial and administrative burdens</p><div id='mrk_link'> <a href='outsourcing.aspx'>Read More »</a></div> Consultancy Services<p>We provide local information on taxes, WP, Visa, insurance, Social Seecurity etc.</p><div id='mrk_link'> <a href='Executive_search.aspx'>Read More »</a></div> Background Checks<p>Job History, Employment History Checks, Education and Qualification Checks</p> <div id='mrk_link'> <a href='Background_checks.aspx'>Read More »</a></div> Talent Management<p>Aptitude or Cognitive Psychometric Tests</p> <div id='mrk_link'> <a href='Talents.aspx'>Read More »</a></div> Psychometric Test<p>Aptitude or Cognitive Psychometric Tests</p> <div id='mrk_link'> <a href='Test.aspx'>Read More »</a></div> </p> </p>

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Careers in Ghana (CIG) : Recruitment Consultancy offer exceptional Recruitment Consulting & Talent Search services to a wide range of clients, Careers in Ghana also provide the ideal platform and tailored solutions for professionals seeking employment opportunities with the leading companies. 


If you ever wondered what makes companies great - its people! And do you want to know how to

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By managing your workforce through outsourcing, we will provide an alternative to the high


Confidentiality, integrity, and building a long last relationship with our clients and candidates
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TitleJob CategoryLocationExpire Date
Wellness AmbassadorFull TimeEast Legon31/10/2021
Country Director- NGOFull TimeAccra05/10/2021
Plant SuperintendentFull TimeAccra15/09/2021
Reservoir EngineerFull TimeAccra15/09/2021

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