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We focus on attracting hard to reach Ghanaian candidates from around the world with that potent mix of international experience combined with local knowledge.

As a comprehensive supplier in executive recruitment for lower, mid to senior levels, At Careers in Ghana our simple philosophy is to attract high-caliber Ghanaian talent from around the world, ensuring you recruit the best in the market

 We offer a range of services for the entire employment and business cycle including: permanent, temporary, contract and casual recruitment

Permanent and Temporary Staff Recruitment

Careers In Ghana (CIG) Recruitment model is designed to address the pressure that HR departments are under to reduce their cost-per-hire when embarking upon volume recruitment drives. Our service empowers customers to significantly increase their direct candidate pipeline. Customers can take advantage of our expertise to improve candidate response, decrease time-to-hire and manage specific hiring projects from internal resources.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Your staff are a vital component of your businesses success. Unfortunately, too many businesses get caught up in the processes. Searching for suitable talent, sifting through CVs, responding to candidates, arranging interviews and checking references are all very necessary but time-consuming and costly exercises.

Sectorial Speacialization

Business & Financial Services, Banking & Insurance, Media and Creative Service, Engeering, Energy, Oil & Gas, Phamaceutical, Manufacturing, Mining, Information Technology, Telocommunication, Logistics, Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality, Education, FMCG, Retail and Agricultural

Our specialist team of recruitment consultants will also perform the following tasks to guarantee the best selection of candidates to meet the human resource requirements of your organisation: Careers in Ghana will also give your company full access to highly qualified and experienced professionals from all around the world through our partnership with Global Career Company the worlds' leading Recruitment Company. Careers in Ghana aims to provide a high quality global recruitment services locally to companies in Ghana and Africa at large, operating across selected sectors and disciplines with our diverse team of top Recruitment Consultants, to bring employers and candidate together

Careers in Ghana (CIG) has completed a wide range of recruitment for multinational companies from South Africa, UK, USA, Canada, Spain, India, Dubia, Singapore including :

We're here to help! Choose the recruitment method that works best for you. Try our Quick Response Database Below, send us an email employers@careersinghana.com , or give us a call on +233 303 934184  / 20 028 8539 / 24 720 2274 / 24 564 9846 /  Ask a question at Contact Us .

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