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Careers in Ghana (CIG) Background Checks is the most flexible, and most delightful employment background check experience you can find We offer background checks for all industries, including accounting, finance, and banking; construction; staffing; IT and technology; retail; education; healthcare, and more. And we make it easy for all roles to run employment background checks, including human resources teams, recruiters, and HR generalists; team leads; hiring managers; department heads and more.

Our aim is to provide simply better background screening for you and your candidates

We’ve built the most advanced background check toolset in the industry to make hiring faster, easier, more accurate, and lower risk. Our background seaarch service includes

  • Reference Checks
  • Employment Checks
  • Education and Qualification Checks
  • Criminal Checks
  • Credit Check
  • Professional Checks
  • Social Media Checks
  • Driver Checks - Uber, Yango
  • Reference checks

    An employee reference check from CIG background Checking will provide you with complete transparency and will ensure that you here are no doubts about employment gaps or the experience and qualifications they claim they have..

    Pre-Employment Screening

    CIG Pre-employment services is a combination of specialised services for clients in Ghana which provide you with the confidence that candidates are who they say they are and are qualified to do the job you employ them to do.

    With Employment Verifications, CIG team of experts help reduce your workload by validating your candidate’s employment history

  • Job History
  • Employment History Checks
  • Education and Qualification Checks
  • Our employment checks confirm

  • Job History
  • Place of employment
  • Employment dates
  • Positions held
  • Education Verification Checks

    Our Education Verification search confirms the education, degree, training, or certification claims of a candidate are true and identifies potential discrepancies before you hire

    Education Verification checks contact the universities, colleges, vocational schools, and high schools provided by the candidate to verify credentials:

    Criminal Background Checks

    A criminal history record helps you make an informed decision about your candidate and assess any risks associated with bringing someone with a criminal record onboard.

    A comprehensive criminal background check helps you build a team you can trust, while also mitigating risk and protecting your company’s reputation

    Credit Background Checks & Reports

    A credit background check for employment is an important way to manage risk in hiring when you need a candidate with strong fiscal responsibility

    Professional Certificates Verification

    Careers in Ghana Professional Verification search confirms the education, degree, training, or certification claims of a candidate are true and identifies potential discrepancies before you hire

    Our Professional verification includes

  • Professional License Verification
  • Professional Membership Verification
  • Social Media Checks

    Social media background checks reviews a potential employee’s social media and web presence to ensure they are an appropriate fit for a position.

    Some employers perform a quick scan of public profiles on major social media websites, while others conduct in-depth scans of blogs, comment sections and other traces of a candidate’s digital activity

    Driver Verification

    A Driver Screening helps your organization maintain compliance, protect your brand reputation, and assure your customers of safety

  • Motor Vehicle Ownership Records
  • Driving License Verification
  • We're here to help you build a better tomorrow. Hire with Confidence. Choose a background screening that works for you. Send us an email employers@careersinghana.com or give us a call on +233 500 043 033 / +233 303 934184

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